Organisations and initiatives that we support

We are proud to support organisations and local communities that are focused on bringing hope to different and special causes.

Rosies - Friends on the street

Rosies aims to offer friendship and unconditional acceptance to those who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or are experiencing social isolation or loneliness. Just as you would offer a cup of tea or coffee to a friend who was visiting your home, they do the same for their friends on the street.

Disable Surfers Association

The Disabled Surfers Association Australia takes people of all disabilities and all ages surfing in a friendly, fun and safe environment. They want to keep giving people of all disabilities the amazing experience of surfing and continue to set the world's best practice for safe, fun surfing experiences.

STEPS Pathways Charity

By supporting STEPS Pathways Charity, you are helping to create a brighter, more inclusive world where disability and autism are not barriers but stepping stones towards resilience, determination, and triumphant independence.