BSBESB402 – Establish legal and risk management requirements of New Business Ventures

Course Overview

• QBCC Approved Managerial Course – This course is a requirement to obtain a QBCC Trade Contractors Licence
• This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify and comply with legal and risk management requirements of the business or new business venture, including negotiating, creating and planning for legal contracts used within the business, where required. The unit applies to those establishing a business providing self-employment, as well as those establishing a new venture as part of a larger organisation. The training you will undertake for this course is nationally accredited and on successful completion of the course, a Statement of Attainment will be issued to you through Noble Training Group. Completion of the course is one of the core eligibility requirements to apply for a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Trade Contractor Licence or Nominee Supervisor Licence.
• This course is 100% online and self-paced allowing you to fit your training into your work, family, and social commitments.

Course Fees

Subsidised: $300*
Full Fee: $350

* students are required to be existing or experienced construction or resource sector workers.


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BSBESB402 – Establish legal and risk management requirements for New Business Ventures

About this course

The course “BSBESB402 – Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of New Business Ventures” is designed to complement your trade expertise with essential business knowledge.

Through this course, you will acquire the skills to establish legal prerequisites and implement risk management practices relevant to your business and industry. This Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency is acknowledged by QBCC as evidence of fulfilling the business knowledge criteria for becoming a licensed subcontractor.

This unit encompasses the proficiency and understanding needed to identify and adhere to all regulations impacting a business. It pertains to individuals managing small businesses who employ analytical abilities to interpret legislation and regulations, as well as develop protocols for ensuring compliance.

This online course is especially suitable for individuals seeking an electrical contractor’s license from the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) or those obligated to become a Qualified Business Person (QBP). With the support of learning resources, video tutorials, and a dedicated trainer, you will delve into the following subjects:

You will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

Legislative and regulatory requirements related to the operation of new business ventures, including:

  • Consumer legislation
  • Environmental responsibilities and requirements
  • Registration and licensing
  • Industry codes of practice and standards
  • Work health and safety (WHS) responsibilities and requirements
  • Insurance products and prerequisites, including sufficient coverage

Workplace procedures for:

  • Negotiating, establishing, and concluding contractual agreements, including seeking legal counsel
  • Investigating and securing procurement rights for products and/or services
  • Identifying options for leasing or owning business premises
  • Legal rights and obligations of various ownership structures
  • Key aspects of maintaining workplace records, ensuring they meet minimum legal and taxation standards and are securely stored and accessible

Essential components of compliance procedures:

  • Adhering to taxation and industrial relations principles and stipulations
  • Updating and upholding legal documents
  • Investigating instances of non-compliance
  • Monitoring the provision of products and/or services
  • Taking corrective action when necessary
  • Crucial steps within the risk management process, including protocols for devising and implementing a business risk treatment plan.

Upon completion, you will attain the following skills:

  • Establishing legal and risk management prerequisites for a minimum of one business or new business venture, and executing measures to fulfill them
  • Crafting at least one contract with a supplier of goods or services for the business or new business venture
  • Identifying, evaluating, and addressing a minimum of three distinct risks specific to the business or new business venture, prioritizing those with the highest likelihood of occurrence and most substantial negative impact.


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